Fabric Shade Engineering

Design, Build & Installation


DMT Shade Fabric Engineering, Design and Build was formed in early 2006 with a singular vision – excellence in fabric engineering. We are currently the leading manufacturer and installer of large tensile structures, with our production facility (which is the largest in Qatar) in New Industrial Area . DMT’s attention to detail in design and engineering has led to the production of some of the most aesthetically pleasing tensile structures built during the past ten years.

Starting in 2011, DMT built structures primarily using HDPE Fabric. In 2012, DMT expanded to PVC membrane structures. From the year 2013 till 2018, DMT brought about a change in the view of membrane architecture combined with WPC Pergola by doing the construction of Projects such like Al Wajba Residential Compound, where 20,000 sq.m. of PVC and more than 500 tons of wood Plastic Composite Pergolas of which 10,000 sq.m. of PVC Roof Structures combined with 504 numbers of WPC Pergolas were utilized.

In the last 5 years, DMT has worked with many of the leading main contractors who believes in our Tensile Membrane, Retractable, Motorized Awning, Pergola & Roof Building Work.

Key Services

Fabric Engineering

Engineering and architecture are virtually inseparable in the design of tensile structures, and DMT places very high emphasis on design that is functionally driven and aesthetically pleasing. Our architectural fabrics are immensely strong and through careful engineering, are capable of withstanding forces of many tons, which enables them to endure difficult weather conditions under tension.


After creating exceptional fabric structures, the installation process is equally important and at DMT we can take care of all aspects of this phase. With years of experience in designing fabric structures, we are in the best position to understand what is required from steelwork to fabric work and implement this in the installation process of every project we undertake.

Fabric Maintenance

At DMT we provide a variety of services to clients all over the world to maximise the life and appearance of both internal and external fabric architecture. These include inspection, cleaning and maintenance regimes, and timed replacement, all tailored to the specific requirements of individual structures. Our service team is supported by our expert construction engineers at DMT.

Project Management

Upon the award of a contract by a client, we assign a team of specialists to facilitate the transition from design brief all the way through to practical completion. This team is headed by a project manager who acts as the main point of contact for all those involved, coordinating the project through all areas of design, manufacture and installation.

Fabric Manufacture

At DMT our purpose-built production facility, provides the ideal environment for the manufacture of our pristine, accurate structures. The factory space, which boasts over 2,000 m² of work area, is unrivalled in this industry. The clear-span working environment allows the assembly of huge membrane panels to be pre-fabricated - simplifying and accelerating on-site assembly.

Tensile Design

In designing tensile fabric structures, DMT provides unparalleled service to a vast range of clients with widely diverse briefs. The company’s origins in architecture, product design and engineering are the starting point for what we go on to manufacture and build regardless of size, fabric or application. Our multi-disciplinary team comprises architects, structural engineers and product designers, combining creative and technical expertise.

Key Projects