When preparing for the construction of a casino, construction companies need to take into account various factors. Energy efficiency is key as the casino design must be of extremely high quality, so great attention is paid to materials. Fire and corrosion resistant gypsum boards manufactured by Domopan are essential to the construction process, and contractors working with no wagering casinos managers must be sensitive to guest preferences.

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Key Features

Humidity Regulator

Gypsum has the unique ability to absorb excess moisture in the air, and then returning that very same moisture to the surrounding environment when humidity levels drop. This makes it ideal for humid climates such as Qatar and the GCC.


DomoGypsum meets international and local standards for gypsum panels and are certified ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007

Sound Proofing

The thickness and density of DomoGypsum makes the material an ideal acoustic insulator. Depending on the clients’ requirements, the panels may be thickened even further to absorb more sound.


The panels can be cut down to the required size, simply using a normal utility knife. The standard size supplied is 1000mm X 600mm X 25mm.

Environment Friendly

Because gypsum is 100% natural, the environmental benefits are enormous. In addition, and if the client wishes so, our DomoGypsum can be made of recycled material.


We have designed the panels with the construction process in mind; DomoGypsum can be installed in the most challenging environments, where even space is limited.

Tough & Durable

DomoGypsum is highly robust, and is highly resistant to impact forces. In addition, nails, screws, and other fixtures can be installed at nearly any point on the panels thanks to the natural strength of DomoGypsum.

Fire Resistant

DomoGypsum is highly fire resistant, exceeding European standards for flame-retardation, making itideal for situations where safety is paramount. In addition, with Qatar and the GCC focusing on more stringent fire safety regulations, which we already cover.

Bacteria Free

Gypsum plaster does not allow bacteria to cling to the material and form colonies. This makes DomoGypsum ideal for environments where sterility is very important, such as clinics, hospitals, nurseries, and schools.


Due to panel thickness, and gypsum’s natural porosity which traps air, DomoGypsum panels are efficient insulators, lowering air conditioning and heating costs for the end-users.

Easily Assembled

All of DomoGypsum’s accessories are designed so that your project can be done quickly and hassle-free. Wall mounting is done efficiently and cleanly ensuring that the project is completed in a relatively quick period of time.


Simply remove the excess adhesive from the joints without any additional tools and they are all ready to use.

Why DomoGypsum


As quality is an integral part of our values that we proudly adhere to, that very same value goes towards our DomoGypsum boards. The boards are certified ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001:2007. Not only does this ensure the quality of our products, but leaves you with a peace of mind knowing that our boards meet and exceed the most stringent of standards.


DomoGypsum is acoustically and thermally insulating, highly resistant to fire, and the boards’ micro-porosity can regulate environmental humidity – absorbing and releasing it to keep the moisture levels optimum. In addition, DomoGypsum is easily integrated in existing structures, and is so versatile it can be installed in already occupied rooms.


Because time costs money and is of the essence, we have designed DomoGypsum with time-efficiency in mind. All accessories are quick to prepare and install, and the panels can be cut down to the required size quickly with a utility knife. In addition, we can produce sizes and specifications to cater to your specific requirements right at our factory, saving you time at the site itself.

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