Doha College Construction Updates

December 3, 2018

Dr Steffen Sommer, Principal, and Ian Thornhill, Business and Development Director, have recently visited the new campus construction site. They spoke to engineers and consultants, analysed the progressed and were briefed on the upcoming stages of construction. The highlights of the steps completed since the last update are:

  • The casting of the ground floor slabs for 10 out of 15 buildings
  • The casting of the first floor level slab for the Facilities Management building
  • Concreting of the first floor slabs for 9 buildings is scheduled to commence mid December, to be completed by the end of December
  • There are currently circa 1,300 workers on site
  • 24% of overall works have been completed by day 153 (23.9 % overall time duration)
  • The project is 1.63 % ahead of the program.

Domopan is participating in the big 5 Qatar exhibition

September 25, 2018